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36'000CHF - 179'000CHF

location_on Forest Hill, Australien

I spent several years selling industrial, materials handling and construction equipment in Malaysia and Singapore. In Australia, I have held sales and...


Sales & Marketing

7'000CHF - 142'000CHF

location_on Kuwait

UHNI with syndicated group and networked team. Over 16 years of business exposure and a self made entrepreneur. Director for business spanning 4 c...


7'000CHF - 223'000CHF

location_on Singapore, Singapur

I am based out of Singapore. I started my career in a R&D department of a software publishing company and quickly got introduced to the amazing world ...


I have significant experience in growing a co...

36'000CHF - 3'580'000CHF

location_on Leederville, Australien

We invest in Australian innovation. We actively seek exciting early stage opportunities in education, health & differentiated technology.


We back great Founders & Entrepreneurs, provi...

700CHF - 15'000CHF

location_on Port Elizabeth, Südafrika

I'm a 32 year old single male investor, dividing my time between London and Cape Town. I'm the MD of 3 successful online businesses currently, and...


570'000CHF - 2'278'000CHF

location_on CAPESTERRE BELLE EAU, Guadeloupe

En recherche d’opportunités d'investissement. Je fais partie d'un groupe d'investisseurs. Je voudrais être un partenaire actif.


1CHF - 13'000CHF

location_on Manchester, Großbritannien

I like to look at a situation in a business where there can be improvement in all areas including efficiency. I am a great brain-stormer and am very ...


B2B sales, B2C sales, customer service proces...

6'000CHF - 65'000CHF

location_on Ipswich, Großbritannien

Strategic marketing executive in digital and organizational change expertise. Interested in high quality proposals that have been well thought throug...


Problem solver who relishes both strategy and...

3'000CHF - 68'000CHF

location_on Tauranga, Neuseeland

Open to all ideas that are profitable, happy to be just an investor and take profits and possible hands on input depending on type of business.


1CHF - 32'000CHF

location_on Weymouth, Großbritannien

I'm a small time investor that completely believes in the concept of crowd investing. I hope to build up a decent portfolio over time.


Start-ups, Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Busine...

1CHF - 219'000CHF

location_on Cape Town, Südafrika

I'm a young 32 old investor based in Cape Town with a B.Comm Law and MBA degree.


5 years experience in retail / property. I wa...

1'000CHF - 57'000CHF

location_on Tallinn, Estland

Business Angel with +20 years professional experience in sales, business development, corporate strategy, business consulting, global product portfoli...


Innovative mindset combined with strategical ...

13'000CHF - 97'000CHF

location_on Northwich, Großbritannien

I have spent my adult life as a senior manager/director in the hospitality industry. I also have considerable experience in property development.


I am actively involved as an angel investor. ...

57'000CHF - 456'000CHF

location_on laren, Niederlande

We are serial entrepreneurs with international experience. We have invested in internet and mobile startups and are looking for international expansio...


Our support includes financing, coaching and ...

28'000CHF - 228'000CHF

location_on Boos, Frankreich

J’ai été président de sociétés depuis 27 ans dans la logistique, puis l’ingénierie et investissement immobilier et suis en retraite depuis 1 an. Je re...


Immobilier, Logistique, Ingénierie

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